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ART EXHIBITION in VENICE  / Centro Storico / Dorsoduro

Regulations for participation in the Exhibition " Colors in Venice "

Art. 1. The exhibition is open to all artists of any nationality, age or religion. The organization reserves the right to exclude those works which, in terms of form or content,
          could cause offense to the sensitivity of others.
Art. 2. Participation requires the payment of a fixed registration fee ( 50) and a participation fee related to the size of the work.
Art. 3. Following the sending of the image of the work the selection will proceed :
- In the event that the work is not selected the participation fee will be fully refunded.
- In the event that the work is positively selected, the Artist is contractually required to pay the remaining participation fee as per communication via e-mail.
- If the participation fee is not paid within the established terms, the Artist will be excluded from the event and the registration fee will not be returned.

Art. 4. The assessment of suitability related to the selection of works is unquestionable.
Art. 5. Although carefully supervised during the exhibition and on the days of deposit, the works are not insured for theft, damage or destruction or during the deposit during the period.
           the exhibition during the various transport phases. The Artist therefore, if he believes, will have to personally provide for the insurance contract stupula.
           In no case will it be able to claim on the organization.
Art. 6. The works must be delivered at the expense of the artist by post or courier service or personally to the address that will be communicated and within
terms that will be indicated.
         The works, at the end of the exhibition, will be returned, with original packaging, to the artist's home via our courier with shipping costs charged to the same.
Art. 7. The works must not be protected by glass or contain dangerous objects and small parts. They must be equipped with hangers and / or hooks in order to facilitate their installation.
         If the works reach their destination later than the indicated date or without attachments and hooks they will not be installed and no fee will be returned.
Art. 8. The artist, participating in the selection, declares that the work is authentic and of its exclusive property and authorizes its publication (together with its curriculum)
          in any form the Organization deems appropriate. Filling out the form and / or participation constitutes authorization according to privacy law.
Art. 9. The Artist, by completing the registration form, authorizes the Organization to publish and to disclose by any means the personal data contained therein,
           unless explicit written refusal contextual to the presentation of the form itself.
Art.10. For any dispute, the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Cuneo is elected.
Art. 11. By participating, the Artist automatically approves the entire regulation without reserve.