The artists send e-mail a digital image of the work with the following data:

- Name (or Name of Art)
- Title of the work
- Technology implementation and support
- Size of the work
- Year of completion
- Price-work (optional)
- Telephone (optional)
- Artist website

Are welcome and published:
- Biography, Biography and Criticism of the Artist
- Artists may also attach a brief commentary on its submission to the Competition or a reflection about art in general.

You can subscribe by making a donation of 30 euro with
Credit Card or Paypal by clicking the button below:

The e-mail form must be indicated the name on the credit card.

or bank transfer to :

Header Bank: Associazione Culturale Ad-Art via Barotti 44-12045 Fossano CN Italy
Bank: Cassa di Risparmio di Fossano - Sede Centrale- via Roma 122 Fossano CN Italy
Reason: Art on-line
IBAN: IT 74 M 06170 46320 000001544451
Swift: CRIF IT 2F

The e-mail form must be accompanied by a copy of the bank transfer.

1. Participation in the contest Ad-Art involves the recognition, acceptance of these rules and the consent of the author to publish the data provided by the author.
2. All email communications will be conducted in Italian. Participants can easily translate these communications with an online translator.
3. Each artist can participate with one work and can compete later with a different opera. The contest is open to all artistic expression as well as the content does not offend the sensibilities of others, so Ad-Art, in its sole discretion, exclude works published content is not consistent with what above.
4. The author, in the presentation of their work, it automatically declares authorship and authenticity. No responsibility can be attributed to Ad-Art in the case of illegitimate powers. The identification of each artist and "entrusted exclusively to the e-mail address with which Ad-Art will send its data and images. This email address can not be changed during the course of the competition and will be the only accepted basis for the end of the vote.
5. Registration for the competition and guaranteed the payment of fees as long as done within the time specified in each competition. The registration fee of only 30 euros in contributions and expenditures "all inclusive due to Ad-Art.
All fees received after the deadline above or beyond the maximum number of participants allowed for each competition will be held by Ad-Art and the competitor must participate in the next competition automatically.
6. Participation in the competition is by invitation Ad-Art. Participants will also be invited to vote for the Prize and Artists for criticism. Artists vote for fellow participants to the exclusion of his name.
The duration of the competition is 25 days. Then the works will be displayed on the site ad-Art until the next contest. The registration deadline for each competition can be extended in case you fail a sufficient number of competitors.
7. For the winner of the Ad-Art will be competitors themselves, to designate the winner of the Critics are critics of art and artists and invited to nominate the winner of the owners gallery art gallery owners will be invited to the manner specified for each competition. Voting for the award to the selected artists are given first painting 15 partitions, 9 scores by second and third 7 scores. Votes for the Critics Award and gallery owners prices will vote for an artist, and every vote is 1 punto.Ogni participant will be able to "ask the votes obtained by him in both competitions, if not published. A tie will prevail for the first artist who made the entry fee.
8. Each participating artist will have its own page on the site ad-Art, which will remain permanently or at least for 6 months.
Participation in the contest implies automatically the approval of these regulations.
9. Any dispute elect the appropriate forum in Turin.